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My Mom is a Fob

Passive Aggressive

Help Feed the Troll

Habitation of Justice

15 Minute Lunch

Getting Weirder

Some Life!

Coming soon, from Pixar…

Harry says this little scene was the culmination of “a classic washing-up feud” at his office in London. (Kind of adorable, right? I would SO watch a movie about anthropomorphic milk bottles with British accents.) related: Sorry, I can’t hear you over all the chattering appliances  

Donna, bring a sweater

Our submitter spotted this namanasty-gram taped to the thermostat of her hot yoga studio in Boise, Idaho. related: Namaste, asshole

You can’t spare three squares?

This is how one guy in Wisconsin decided to let his roommate know wholesale jerseys from china she was using too much toilet paper. How do you suppose that went over? related: The Toilet Paper Manifesto

Happy Birthday, and see you soon! xoxo, Cancer

Our submitter in North Dakota found this birthday card from the local health clinic a little…off-putting. related: Dropping the Big C

Namaste, asshole.

Just in case you needed another reason to hate on LuluLemon… related: Sentimental pants

That’s MBA-speak for “machine’s broken”

Hmm, looks like someone on the second floor could use a Snickers. related: Raging against the (vending) machine

Are you a grouch?

Pro tip: if the sound of children’s laughter on a Sunday afternoon makes you curse the sky in rage, you might want to check yourself before you turn into a full-fledged cartoon villain. It might be too late for the “concerned” notewriter below. related: That means you, young man!

Song of the PANflute

After a week-long “concert series” carried through the building’s heating system, Brad in Montreal says one of his fellow apartment-dwellers posted this desperate plea. related: And when I jam, I jam loud

I see what you did there.

In one Nova Scotia office kitchen, frustration with this… Led to this… Meanwhile, in Boca Raton… And then, of course, there’s the MIT approach: related: STAHP!

Straight Outta Crestwood (Kentucky)

Writes our anonymous submitter: “Pity the fools of the Crestwood, Kentucky ‘Crips.’ They can’t even scare old ladies.” related: Oh, sure, blame it on the crackhead.

Is one of the Ashley Madison hackers living under your own roof?

A mother in Bellevue, Nebraska found these notes in her “drawer of fun.” (Looks like somebody wants a new little brother or sister!) related: You should probably delete your search history…

Sorry, I’m not an expert in con(ifer) law

Since spotting this sign in her Seattle neighborhood, Bethany has been trying to imagine what sort of “legal issues” these pine trees could have created. Any ideas? related: Grow some thicker bark

So much for functional design, huh?

“Someone at work left a giant box of these post-it notes in our break room,” says Kat in Austin: “ (Any guesses as to why they’re not flying off the shelves?) related: Right/wrong justified

Think, people! How can we make our meetings even less productive?

Says Lem in Queensland, Australia: “Everyone at my local council always says they’re super busy. I figure it’s because they’re ‘busy’ creating extra signs to put up around the office.” related: More passive-aggressive flowcharts

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