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JGBCB - Jerry Garcia Band Cover Band

Friday, June 22nd 2018, 08:00 PM  

with Jimmy Lumpkin & The Revival
Formed in Athens, GA in 2012, JGBCB has been filling a hole in the Grateful Dead scene by offering up spirited covers of classic songs pulled exclusively from the repertoire of the Jerry Garcia Band, Garcia's long-running side-project. JGBCB has played shows from Key West to Colorado, exciting audiences with performances of beloved Garcia tunes not found within the traditional Grateful Dead catalog.The Jerry Garcia Band (famously known to Dead Heads as "JGB") was as much a songwriting outlet for Garcia as it was a chance for him to cover the music he loved. With Jerry and bassist John Kahn as the band's staples (playing together as far back as 1970), a varied set of keyboardists, drummers, and backup singers filled out the lineup over the years, each bringing their own unique character to the band. Over the course of it's existence, JGB played a number of diverse musical styles, covering artists such as The Beatles, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, The Band, Jimmy Cliff, Smoky Robinson, The Rolling Stones, the Wailers, J.J. Cale, and Ray Charles. The list goes on and on, recalling the names of rock, soul, and folk royalty.It is with a deep love of Jerry Garcia's music and the music that he loved that the members of JGBCB approach this project. The band came together for a single show in December 2012, which led to a local weekly residency in Athens. The positive response they received ultimately led JGBCB to tour around the country, giving fans all over a taste of the music of the Jerry Garcia Band. Count on hearing different material from night to night, consisting of JGB staples and deep cuts. How sweet it is!

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Saturday, June 30th 2018, 08:00 PM  

Fooligans announce debut LP; release single Bad MemoriesThe year is 2005. Youre 11 years old, and youve managed to score a crumpled $10 bill from under some furniture. Fast forward 2 hours. Youre in the mall, newly rich with your $10. Sam Goody is the spot. You thumb through the alternative section because youre a lil badass. You find what youve been looking for. Its what youve craved. The new album Fooligans by Fooligans on CD. You spend the next year sitting in front of your boombox listening to what will become all time Fooligans classics. You buy their shirts at Hot Topic. You live for this shit. You are a Fooligan. "Fooligans" by Fooligans out June 29

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Kinchafoonee Cowboys

Friday, July 13th 2018, 08:00 PM  

The Kinchafoonee Cowboys began in December, 1991 in a pecan orchard in Terrell County, GA. The original group consisted of Shane Cannon, Keith Cromartie, Brad Hallford, Chad McGrath, and Glenn Tennyson, who all grew up (and still reside) in the Albany/Leesburg area. The band's name comes from the Kinchafoonee Creek - a tributary of the Flint River that flows through Lee County and Albany.The band's popularity soon spread to Athens, GA where several members were in college at UGA. The band currently holds records at the Georgia Theatre for most shows played, most sold-out shows, and thanks to the greatest fans in the world, highest bar sales!Throughout almost 20 years of making music together, the band has had a few lineup changes: In 1998, guitarist Brad left the band and was replaced by "lefty" Chris Scarborough on lead guitar. Later that year, Jason Fuller joined the group adding vocal harmonies and honky-tonk piano. Keith Cromartie, our original drummer, songwriter, and great friend, finally decided to officially retire in 2010. Adam Funk took his place behind the kit.The Cowboys are favorites around the state of Georgia and play all types of venues from small clubs to large outdoor festivals. The group has shared billing with entertainers such as Alabama, John Anderson, Trisha Yearwood, Diamond Rio, Tracy Lawrence, Martina McBride, Widespread Panic, Blues Traveler, Dave Matthews Band, and many others.The Kinchafoonee Cowboys have released three studio albums and one live album. The first, Sowega, was recorded in Athens, GA in 1991 at Saturn Recording Studio. Their second album, Deep Dark Water, was recorded in Nashville, TN at the Home Place Studio in 1994. (These first two albums are now sold together as a compilation called 1991-1994). Their third "self-titled" album, Kinchafoonee, was recorded at Maxwell Sound in Athens, GA in 1998. In 2001, Sic 'em Dawgs was released as a single. In 2005, Cowboy Ways: Live at the Georgia Theatre was released and introduced the now infamous, Smokey Beaver. Although hard copies of many of these albums have sold out, individual songs are available on Itunes. The Kinchafoonee Cowboys continue to play music venues, festivals, weddings, county fairs, private parties, and honky-tonks throughout the state of Georgia.

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Todd Snider

Wednesday, August 1st 2018, 08:00 PM  

with Josh Morningstar
todd sniderby todd snideri started making up songs in 1986.i made an album in 1994.i also started a tour in 1994and that tour is, in a way, still going.i never made a record so goodthat i could just sit homeor did a show so badthat i had to.and man, ive done some shit shows,shit albums too.some of them are pretty good though,but you know,its been a while.i really need to put out a good album soonor i'm finished. sometimes these days i sing with a band.i think we made a good album.david schools of widespread panic is our leader.i make up our lyrics....were a jam band.our songs only go on about an hour or so but theyre still pretty people jam with us all the time and we have like a million shirts and shit.i personally think were the seventh best band in the whole jam thing.on this tour i am coming to town with nothing but my guitar and storieslike the old know...pick a littletalk a littlepick a little talk a littlecheap cheap cheaptalk a lotpick a little more. and not to brag,but i also wrote a book that everybody lovesso i am an author i play everywhere,pretty much all the timeeverybody shows upand they pretty much always love it.

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Great White Lion Snake

Saturday, August 4th 2018, 08:00 PM  

We all know that the "Decade of Decadence" was the '80s. It was a time when the Sunset Strip ruled the world, a time when there was still attitude and danger in rock music. If you miss those days, or even missed OUT on those days, then look no further! Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you GREAT WHITE LION SNAKE! This show is the real deal: the hair, the leather, the Spandex, and all the moves and attitudes of the era. This is '80s hair metal the way it is supposed to be done. These shows are absolutely wild and you have to see and hear it to believe it!Formed in Middle Georgia in late 2008, GREAT WHITE LION SNAKE has performed for thousands of people all over the Southeast. They were personally chosen to play Vince Neil of Mtley Cre's Official Afterparty immediately following the Crue / Poison concert in July 2011 and have performed with legends such as Skid Row, Dokken, Stephen Pearcy of RATT, Soul Asylum, and even Coolio! In 2016 they were chosen to perform a three-night stint at the world famous Georgia National Fair, and were such a hit that they will be returning again in 2017. If you're a fan of Ratt, Bon Jovi, Warrant, Skid Row, Whitesnake, Van Halen, Poison, Motley Crue or any of those bands from the '80s, you don't want to miss this show!

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Corey Smith

Thursday, August 23rd 2018, 08:00 PM  

The way Corey Smith sees it, he owes a debt to his fans. And it's one he is determined to repay with his 10th album, While the Gettin' Is Good. The project, released on Sugar Hill Records, marks the first time that the singer-songwriter, a wildly popular touring artist who has produced all of his past efforts, has turned over the reins to a bona fide country music producer in Keith Stegall. The result is Smith's most ambitious record yet, as well as a return on the investment made by the fans who have supported him since his first album in 2003."A lot of start-up acts are using fan-funded programs to finance their record. That's what my whole career has been: Kickstarter before Kickstarter. When my fans show up and buy a ticket and a t-shirt, they're investing in what I'm doing," says Corey. "It's my responsibility to invest it wisely and give them the best album I can. That's what led me to While the Gettin' Is Good."It's also what led him to Stegall, who has produced such radio heavyweights as Alan Jackson and Zac Brown Band. It was the producer's track record, country-music experience and easy-going nature that convinced Corey that he was the man to refine his signature acoustic sound. "Keith knows how to make country records," he says, "but I wanted to make my kind of country record and he understood that immediately. He simply wanted to get us comfortable in a studio environment so we could do what we do onstage every night. For me, it was very liberating to be able to focus solely on performing and not be burdened by a lot of the decision-making and drilling down that goes into producing. It was the first time I was able to go into the studio and focus on what I do best. Keith was there to handle the rest."A collection of 12 songs, While the Gettin' Is Good was written entirely by Corey. As such, it's a deeply personal album, one that explores themes of love, hometown pride and even personal discovery. A close relative inspired one of the record's highlights, "Bend," about learning how to adapt to what life throws at you."I wrote 'Bend' about a family member who was struggling with issues and I realized through writing this song that I was also talking about myself at the same time," says Corey, who scored a Top 20 album with The Broken Record in 2011. "So that song really hits home."Still, the album stands as the Jefferson, Georgia, native's most upbeat. Especially on the nostalgic "Pride," a bouncing look back at Corey's high school days, from pep rallies to game day. His children attend the same school he did and together they often attend high-school football games, where the one-time social studies teacher sees friendly faces from his past."I remember sitting up in the stands going, 'Man, this is so cool.' I'm so glad we decided to stay here and let my kids be a part of this tradition," he says. "'Pride' summarizes who I am and even how my career has developed."Likewise, album opener "Don't Mind" coasts along with a New Orleans vibe, full of fiddle and clarinet. A fun, happy song, it sets the tone for the record and pays tribute to the things we all gladly bear when we're in love. It also epitomizes Corey's current worldview."I have a 2006 truck that runs great, so I don't need a new truck. I don't have much time to get on a big lake, so I don't need a bass boat. I could have bought some really cool stuff with the money that I spent on this record, but I didn't, because I'm happy," he says. "It's a privilege to be able to do something like this, finance it myself and not have anyone telling me how my music needs to sound."Nonetheless, Corey has hit on the perfect song for today's country radio: the approachable ballad "Taking the Edge Off." It's a road-weary travelogue, like Bob Seger's "Turn the Page" or Zac Brown Band's "Colder Weather," about the loneliness of touring and how people who travel combat such feelings."It captures a certain mood that we go through, especially in the winter. It's really a grind, it gets cold and lonely, and you're taking the edge off with a drink," he admits. "I remember being in Omaha and it was cold as hell. I worked on that tune throughout the day and night there and every time I hear it, I am transported back to that time."Now, however, Corey is focused squarely on the future. As the new album title suggests, he's ready to make a determined grab at country's brass ring while the gettin' is good. And with Keith Stegall and Sugar Hill Records behind him, the gettin' has never been better. As the perseverant Corey is fond of saying, "There is more than one way to skin a cat in country music.""I always dreamed of being able to make a record like this. I wanted to explore all the possibilities of a song and work with a producer who was among the best and who could teach me," he says. "What makes me different is that I write all these songs, and I write them from the heart. I've lived them."Which is exactly why his fans are willing to go along for the ride and invest so much in an artist who speaks to their way of life. To Corey, While the Gettin' Is Good is his way of opening up his heart, along with his wallet, and paying them back."I'm going to take the goodwill they've given me and continually invest it into making better and better records that reflect who I am and my vision," he says. "They've entrusted me with a lot, so I'm trying to be the best steward I can be."

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The SteelDrivers

Saturday, September 8th 2018, 08:00 PM  

It may be the only town around where salaried songwriters and full-time session musicians are as common as accountants and schoolteachers. Music is the product, and the factories line the street, from the swank Music Row mini-high-rises to the low-slung Sylvan Park bungalows. And only Nashville could give birth to a band like the SteelDrivers: a group of seasoned veterans each distinguished in his or her own right, each valued in the towns commercial community who are seizing an opportunity to follow their hearts to their souls reward. In doing so, they are braiding their bluegrass roots with new threads of their own design, bringing together country, soul, and other contemporary influences to create an unapologetic hybrid that is old as the hills but fresh as the morning dew. This is new music with the old feeling. SteelDrivers fan Vince Gill describes the bands fusion as simply "an incredible combination."Since the release of The SteelDrivers (2008) and Reckless (2010), The SteelDrivers have been nominated for three Grammys, four IBMA awards and the Americana Music Associations New Artist of the Year. They were presented the International Bluegrass Music Associations award for Emerging Artist of the Year in 2009. That same year the band spent a week in Georgia as part of the cast in the movie "Get Low". The movie, that starred Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek and Bill Murray, featured a soundtrack that included four tunes by The Drivers. In 2011 the English pop star Adele began performing the SteelDriver song "If It Hadnt Been For Love" in her live performances. Her opinion of The SteelDrivers is: "Theyre a blues, country, bluegrass, swagger band and they are brilliant." They have been invited to perform on numerous radio and TV shows ranging from The Grand Ole Opry to NPRs Mountain Stage to the Conan OBrien show.

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Saturday, December 8th 2018, 08:00 PM  

The LACSshort for Loud Ass Crackershave a proven formula for success. Mix 65 percent country music storytelling with 20 percent hip-hop attitude, add in 15 percent rock n roll plus 100 percent hard work and you have a multi-format duo that defies definition and oozes opportunity.The duo, which is made up of hip-hop artist Clay Uncle Snap Sharpe and lead vocalist/guitarist Brian Rooster King, doesnt easily fit into any predetermined box and thats exactly why The LACS unique blend of music appeals to Americas iPod generation. When we make a mix CD on our computer, we dont put together 30 songs that are straight country, explains Sharpe. We might have 10 country, 10 rock and 10 rap songs. We knew our kind of people would like it.The LACS unique blend of music is on full display on Keep It Redneck, the duos latest release. Our music is not one dimensional, Sharpe says. We take the good out of rock, the good out of country and the good out of rap and mix them together and create something different. We build from scratch.Born and raised in South Georgia, the pair met when King moved to Baxley, a rural town more famous for its sawmills and turpentine stills than its music scene. We call Baxley a big town, but its just now got four lights, Sharpe says with a knowing laugh. We got a Walmart a few years ago, so were moving up.In a town with only four stoplights its not hard to spot a stranger. I saw him riding around town and I didnt know him, so I just stopped him one day and said, who are you and what you got goin on? Sharpe recalls of his first meeting with King. We ended up hanging out that night. He pulled out the guitar and I did, too. Weve been making music together ever since.We figured out we liked the same kind of music and our friendship just built from there, adds King. The pair quickly connected and began creating their musical legacy. They pooled their money and went into a local studio to record. We knocked out 20 songs in three days, Sharpe says. Even the studio guys were surprised.Sharpe and King pressed the music onto CDs and, along with a few friends armed with CD players, began peddling their album in Walmart parking lots. To their surprise, people liked what they heard. There were days wed sell a thousand CDs and come back with five or 10 thousand dollars and we realized, We might have something here, Sharpe admits. Buoyed by their early success, the teens took their show on the road, so to speak. We loaded up and went to every small town in Georgia we knew of and hit every Spring Break imaginable, says Sharpe. We drove all over Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Alabama. Anywhere we could sell CDs, we did. We probably pushed 28,000 CDs out of our trunk.The LACS recorded five CDs on their own. By the second or third CD our fans would start to ask, When are you coming out with another one? King recalls. Thats when I realized that me and Clay could have a fan base. We never thought it would get this big. The duo is successful because its music is authentic. Sharpe and King share stories about what they know best: country living. We aint no gangsters, we aint never killed nobody so we cant rap about that, Sharpe says. We just started rapping about down home stuff like riding dirt roads and hunting and fishing.We love hip hop as much as we love country, but we were born in a country place, says King, whose influences include Mark Chesnutt, Randy Travis and Tupac Shakur. We love doing country things, but hip hop is just as good as country. We grew up on both.While they are no doubt hick hop pioneers, the duo says theyre following in the footsteps of the greats. What were doing is what Johnny Cash did on Ive Been Everywhere, says Sharpe, who counts Cash, Hank Williams, Jr., the Beastie Boys and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony among his influences. He was pretty much rapping on that song. Charlie Daniels has done it, and David Allan Coe did it on The Ride. Thats the evolution of hick hop.The LACS eventually caught the attention of noted producer and Average Joes Entertainment label head Shannon Houchins, who was working with musical maverick Colt Ford. We let him hear one of our CDs and he invited us to his studio immediately, Sharpe remembers. He said, Id love for you to be part of our record label. We thought about it a couple of days and we said, lets do it.The duo has released two successful albums on Backroad Records, a subsidiary of Average Joes. As with their parking lot outings, The LACS have connected with a growing fan base. Kickin Up Mud, from their album Country Boys Paradise, became a viral sensation despite little or no radio airplay. Thats a song we didnt expect to do anything and its got over nine million YouTube views now, Sharpe says.The LACS continue to challenge the status quo on their new album, Keep It Redneck, which features the duos trademark in-your-face musical magic as well as a few new fresh variations. Every style of music has got to progress or people are going to get tired of it, says Sharpe.The bouncy and beach-themed ReLacs, which features Sarah Ross, is a new direction for the duo. Weve never really had a beach song before, says King. Were all about stepping out of the box and approaching subjects that we havent approached before.Meanwhile, the laid back Get Lost explains, Exactly how we operate in the South, says Sharpe. A lot of guys and girls go by off by themselves and get lost in the woods. Sometimes its important to be alone.Kick Dust, which features Noah Gordon and which is sure to become a workingmans anthem, is about ending the week on a positive note. The song talks about being ready to get off the highway and hit a dirt road and chill, says Sharpe. Anybody can relate to that. But not every song on Keep It Redneck is introspective. Shichya is a party starter, while Field Party is all about getting down and dirty dancing. The latter song features label mates Colt Ford and JJ Lawhorn.What began on a street corner and continued in Walmart parking lots all across the South, has now grown to fields filled with fans primed to hear The LACs latest. The duo regularly attracts thousands of fans to its show, which have included an appearance at the Atlanta Motor Speedway prior to a NASCAR race. Thats like the Super Bowl for us, Sharpe says. Thats the biggest redneck sport in the world.More and more people are showing up to hear us and thats amazing, adds King.Theyve come a long way for sure. Now Walmart is selling our CDs inside, so we dont have to sell them in the parking lot, Sharpe says with a chuckle. Hes being humble. What started organically has spread. The duo has been featured in a genre-defining Wall Street Journal cover story and their previous album, 190 Proof, remained consistently on the Billboard Country Albums chart for over a year.Not bad for a couple of guys that have a gift for connecting with their growing legion of fans. And theyre not done yet.

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