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529 Flat Shoals Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30316

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The Buzzards of Fuzz - Victory Hands | HOT RAM

Thursday, January 18th 2018, 09:00 PM  

21+ | 9:00 pm | Dos: $8

HOT RAM is a Atlanta based, three piece band. Creating and performing its own brand of heavy, aggressive, atmospheric, yet melodic metal music.

Since the bands formation in mid-2015. Stylistically the band incorporates sludge, metal, 70's rock, progressive and psychedelic rock and punk.

And by doing so creates music rather than submerging to any stylistic dogma, scene or genre.

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Mattiel - Low Valley Hearts | Beije | Jaguar Purrs | + Free Dance Party After Bands w/ DJ Kale Svvick!

Friday, January 19th 2018, 09:00 PM  

21+ | 9:00 pm | Adv: $8 | Dos: $8

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Clashinista - Straw Polly | + Free Dance Party After Show w/ DJ Maximum Mishmash

Saturday, January 20th 2018, 09:00 PM  

21+ | 9:00 pm | Adv: $12 | Dos: $15

Atlanta's only Clash tribute band!

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Loudermilk & Moon - Moloq | Private Pageant | Boygirlfriends

Monday, January 22nd 2018, 09:00 PM  

21+ | 9:00 pm | Donations

"we are a buttery five piece folk band from atlanta GA that strives to sound like no one else. And in a world filled with hungry lions of music that can be hard. a life time of love and sorrow can be heard in loudermilks lyrics and uncanny music. soft vocies wading in a milky sea of samba grooves to deep brash floor toms carrying fiery yells and animal chants. we are humble monks of lovely music in need of a monastery for one night! buttery folk, sweet milky music from all our hearts."

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Destroyer of Light - DayGlo Mourning - Canopy | Bigger Mountain

Tuesday, January 23rd 2018, 09:00 PM  

21+ | 9:00 pm | Donations

"Destroyer of Light play music that could be categorized as doom metal, they are very much a rock band. Destroyer Of Light manage to bring in guitar harmonies and flashy solos to lighten things up. Destroyer Of Light use their frontman's unearthly cleans to guide you on a unique musical journey that is weird, demented, and far too much fun.

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wolves & wolves & wolves & wolves - Burns Like Fire | Resident One | Breaux

Wednesday, January 24th 2018, 09:00 PM  

21+ | 9:00 pm | Dos: $5

“The band knows their craft, and are fascinating with their energy and passion.”
-Away From Life

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Paralyzer, Rude Dude and the Creek Freaks

Thursday, January 25th 2018, 09:00 PM  

with Bummerville, Nag

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Michael Myerz - Shepherds - Delorean Gray | Palm Sunday

Friday, January 26th 2018, 09:00 PM  

21+ | 9:00 pm | Dos: $8

"Michael Myerz reps dork rap, but he’s no joke. In January, the local rapper and deep web phenomenon releases his 20th album, Jewnami. It’s a nod to his Jewish heritage (see “Planet Matza Ball”), which he frequently explores in his lyrics. Regardless of the topic, Myerz approaches his music in a wholly ironic, often self-deprecating, manner. Songs like “Garlic Bread” or “Robodogz” boast an electronic-heavy production befitting of his crude delivery, while “Bennie” is a downright ethereal tribute to his cat. Myerz may not take himself entirely seriously, but that’s where the fun lies." - Creative Loafing Atlanta

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MAGNAPOP w/ Shantih Shantih + TBD

Saturday, January 27th 2018, 09:00 PM  

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Shouldies - Internet Boyfriend - Λ°C | Beverley | Richard Gumby

Monday, January 29th 2018, 09:00 PM  

21+ | 9:00 pm | Donations

"A play on the word “shoulders”, Shouldies as a name reminiscences kid-powered rewording, the “strawbabies” and “roast beasts” of childhood. As an electronic outfit, Shouldies relies less on the whimsical and more on the surreal. “Statue”, their first recorded material engineered by Esar Tehrani, emits a palpitating smokiness. Yancey Ballard’s talk-singing is a strong instrument on its own, building intensity with John Pierce’s use of MicroKORG and Daniel Eberlein’s programmed drums and bass synth. With a sound surprisingly full for a three piece, Yancey’s sprechgesang, like a haunting early Modern Lovers’ Jonathan Richman, provides a post-punk edge to John and Daniel’s synthwave foundation. “When I wrote this song I wanted the act of everything to be stripped away. I was tired of the whole performance of touch,” he explains. “I wanted someone to touch my skin with no intention. With something pure and perfect. I think of the repetitive verses in a mocking sense.” Craving a different creative current, when Yancey and John dissolved their long time project, Man Up Yancey, they were exhausted of relying on traditional band structures. John had cultivated a solo project, Post Hunk, that combined drum machine with traditional guitar and bass. While Yancey is always creating, currently making a zine about trans body positivity, the two knew they need another counterpart. When Daniel moved from Macon with a previous background in noise and an interest in electronic music, they found their magic number, three.  Without requiring a traditional drummer, or even dependence on a typical practice space, Shouldies, as a newer Atlanta act, also crosses over into queer art and identity. Having played many captivating performances, quickly gaining a devoted following, audiences look forward to more recordings and shows from this innovative group." -Wussy

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