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215 North Lumpkin Street, Athens, GA 30606

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Sound Culture

Monday, June 18th 2018, 09:00 PM  

Sound Culture is a 5 piece rock alternative band with reggae influences based in Atlanta, GA. High energy, well balanced, and full sound along with a wide range of musical tastes among the 5 members makes for a well rounded rock band that can appeal to a wide audience. Their influences include bands such as; Stick Figure, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sticky Fingers, Bob Marley, Rebelution, Black Crows, Jet, The Expendables. They have been playing larger and larger venues with the most recent and most notable being the headlining spot at the Masquerade for their Atlanta Reggae Revival festival. They have also played Smith's Olde Bar and a couple of music festivals last summer. Having worked with bands such as Nomadic Culture, Rhythm Earth, Blackberry Breeze, Artizen, The Instructables, AndLove, and many other local Atlanta acts, they are beginning to create a network of music maker and lovers like.

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Andrew Brantley

Tuesday, June 19th 2018, 07:30 PM  

Beginning with the guitar at age 14, Andrew was mainly interested in songwriting and singing. As the years passed through high school, he developed an interest in music at a deeper level. This drove him to further study music while in college. He attended Georgia Southern University and graduated in May of 2014 with a General Studies degree including a concentration in classical guitar. During his years at GSU, he had the privilege of working with classical guitarists Charles Horel and Dr. Brian Luckett. He also performed with the Georgia Southern jazz combos and jazz band. Currently, he plays with the band "The Orange Constant", and they perform in venues all across the Southeast. While TOC is his main focus, he performs solo or duo (w/ Nickalous Benson) from time to time as well as gives guitar lessons.

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Pearl Earl

Tuesday, June 19th 2018, 10:00 PM  

with Billboard Baggings
Pearl Earl is an all-female rock band from Denton, Texas made up of Ariel Hartley, Bailey K Chapman, Stefanie Lazcano and Chelsey Danielle. The band was founded Summer 2014 by Hartley, Chapman, and Lazcano and quickly became more than just a drunken jam party. The band immediately began touring nationally and regionally and in 2015 released their debut EP titled "Karaoke Superstar. Pearl Earl shows have attracted music lovers of all persuasions, and they have gained traction in DFW with airplay, and even regional awards. Pearl Earls sound is a psychedelic cornucopia of the glitter and sparkle of glam rock, the space and cosmic intervention of prog, the angst and grit of punk, and the synth pop of the times of neon jumpsuits and disco balls. With influences from every era of music, Pearl Earl has the power to transmit you to the past and the future and back again.

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Kindercore Vinyl Night

Wednesday, June 20th 2018, 06:30 PM  

The DJs from Kindercore hitting the town and playing songs to get you jumping around. They pull from Indie rock, Brit-pop, Garage, New wave, and Soul. A dance night like no other in Athens, Ga! Bring a pal and square off on the dance floor.

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Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks

Wednesday, June 20th 2018, 08:30 PM  

with Lithics
Today, Portland, OR's Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks release new single "Middle America" -- the first new music to surface from the group since 2014.On "Middle America," Malkmus's wry wordplay and sunny twang create an ode to underdogs everywhere, with bittersweet words of encouragement for the ramshackle character on their receiving end. Only SM & the Jicks can craft this kind of brightly low-key anthem, a perfect three-minute-thirty-second country-speckled gem about life's questions big (the inevitable passage of time; aging) and small (getting shitfaced; blushing the color of Robitussin).Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks will tour North America in July, hitting major markets including Chicago, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Nashville, San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland. Fans can likely expect a further taste of new music, on top of the band's beloved catalog.

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Blunt Bangs

Wednesday, June 20th 2018, 11:00 PM  

with Ryan Davis of State Champion

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Thursday, June 21st 2018, 08:00 PM  

People often talk about musicians needing to pay their dues before they deserve success. Truett has paid his many times over; enough to treat himself and ten friends to an all expenses paid trip straight to the top. Sweating it out night after night in blues bars around the South, screaming into the bright lights and cigarette smoke like the ghost of Howlin Wolf, soloing until his hands bled hour after hour, roadhouse after roadhouse, mile after mile.Fast forward to today, Truett has not only developed immensely as an artist, but also as a songwriter and performer, touring all across the US and Europe, supporting the likes of Ron Pope and Jonathan Tyler, and headlining shows of his own. With a debut EP under his belt, he prepares to release his sophomore project, Lies and Lightning, along with a slew of pre-released singles from the 5-song EP.This record I focused more on ideas, lyrics and music that I had been carrying with me for a long time. Every song on this record is a story from the road or a struggle that I have dealt with in this industry, Im very proud of it, Truett says.Is Truett a soul singer? He was raised on Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder and can croon a Sam Cooke song or shout his lungs out a la Jackie Wilson. Is Truett a guitar virtuoso? Hearing him play is like having Albert Collins throw his drink in your face and kick his muddy boot up on your table to solo at the height of his powers. Is what Truett does easy to define? Absolutely not. Hell take you from the Mississippi Delta to Princes Minneapolis, Chicago blues to Bowery Punk, down through Outkasts Atlanta and out the other side of the psychedelic rabbit hole. That explosive mix makes for a singular experience.Truett is more than the sum of his influences; what he does is unique and spectacular. His work is evocative of many things, but a carbon copy of nothing that came before. Hes classic and modern, new and old, absolutely stunning in his raw, unbridled authenticity.

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Thursday, June 21st 2018, 10:00 PM  

This event is 21 and over ACEOFDIEMENDS



Zach Flowers


Didnt really plan on becoming a rapper until I was freestyling at the homie house and left famous. Hi I'm Zach "Fleezy" Flowers.

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AthFest Club Crawl

Friday, June 22nd 2018, 07:30 PM  

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T. Hardy Morris (Main Stage)

Friday, June 22nd 2018, 07:30 PM  

with Neighbor Lady (Main Stage), Hunter Morris & Blue Blood (Main Stage), Hank Sullivant (Main Stage), Nihilist Cheerleader (Rooftop), Twen (Rooftop), Grand Vapids (Rooftop), Justin and The Cosmics (Rooftop), Athfest with Jay Gonzalez (Rooftop)
Athens, Georgia's T Hardy Morris (Dead Confederate, Diamond Rugs) is set to release his third solo album on June 22, 2018. Titled Dude, The Obscure, the album is a work that Morris says, "flowed from a creative space I found at the intersection of dreams and reality." In captivating songs, Morris sheds the traps of ambition and nostalgia and uncovers the strange satisfaction of living in the moment.Even the album title, Dude, The Obscure, hints at self-discovery. In an homage to English author Thomas Hardys novel, Jude, The Obscure, Morris reveals his love for literature, philosophy and poetry along with a secret about his stage name.Thomas Hardy is my given name, and Dude, The Obscure is a moniker I considered using as an artist, Morris said. The hat tip to the novel seemed appropriate for the album because it deals with doubts, joys, regrets and spirituality, a lifelong journey and such."Each song on the album seems compelled by Morris desire to help himself and others conquer the void of everyday meaninglessness. Its an effort philosopher Maurice Blanchot described as the anguish of writing: You have to cross an abyss, and if you do not jump, you do not comprehend. Morris takes that leap to find universal truth by navigating sometimes opposing perspectives within moments that change lives. Morris beautifully warns us not to succumb to the fear of missing out that stands in the way of contentment on the albums defining moment, Cheating Life, Living Death. Every dream is an invitation/ To leave your love up on the shelf/ When you walk out every evening/ Cheating life and living death."For the sessions, Morris made the familiar pilgrimage to Adam Landrys home studio in Nashville. The longtime collaborators took their time and gave each song the opportunity to grow unaffected by outside influence except the magic that happens when two friends lock themselves in a smoky shed to make music, and a few pals stop by.Within 11 powerful songs, the Athens rocker reveals scars and shares lessons from an indie-rock odyssey that has taken him around the world and back home to find himself a little older and closer to something like enlightenment.And just in time for a new journey to begin.

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